Teacher training workshops

Singing Training workshops for teachers and staff who work with children. Teachers’ voices need to be flexible and strong to support them throughout the term. Teachers need confidence to project their voices and adapt to a variety of different teaching scenarios.

Teachers are professional voice users but rarely receive vocal coaching. We provide creative and rewarding vocal workshops to work with professionals who use their voices in a teaching capacity.

We work with schools, library leaders, nursery and college staff. We cover a wide range of issues faced by people working in these sectors including:
• Projecting, making yourself heard without having to shout
• Vocal health, how to use your voice safely
Singing has many health and wellbeing benefits.
• Builds personal confidence to enable you to command the room.
• Many health benefits, mental and physical.
• Energetic and euphoric uplift, helping you to feel rejuvenated.
• Improves communication skills.
• Brings people together.
• Releases endorphins during singing
• Reducing Stress

We help people to find their voice, we aim to encourage the growth and development of people singing voices and confidence. The skills
needed to sing are the same as those required for good communication and confidence.

We encourage teams to say “YES” to new ideas and concepts, take people out of their comfort zones and teach them to take risks, whilst encouraging teams to provide a supportive and positive atmosphere.
Break down barriers and provide a new shared experience amongst your team.

We design workshops to suit your requirements, you tell us what you aspire to achieve. We listen, make suggestions and design a workshop that fits in with your requirements. We can base our workshops on particular themes and projects you may be
working on and we’re sure to create a creative experience.

We can focus on any of the following areas, combine them or use your own ideas to shape the workshop.
• Vocal health for teaching.
• Projection and commanding a room.
• Leading a class with confidence.
• Ideas for creative music sessions.
• Using song in your teaching.
• Improving your singing voice tips and tricks.
• Learn new and exciting techniques on how to teach singing.

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