How much does it cost?

Your first session is free, so please do take advantage and come and say hello and see what we do.

You are welcome to attend any session, no need to contact us, just turn up. 


Our classes are all pay as you go, there is no termly commitment and you can drop in or out to as many sessions as you like.  This ensures you are not paying for any sessions you can’t make.

All our sessions are £4 per person per hour.

You can buy session bundles to use at any session. Session bundles are very flexible and they don’t expire, you can use them across multiple sessions, you can transfer them to another person and one voucher can be used by multiple people.

1 session  = a 1 hour session.

Bundles save on your session fees, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

Session bundles for Singing 4 fun class

100 sessions -£300 (saves £100)

75 sessions – £240 (saves £60)

50 sessions – £165 (saves £35)

25 sessions – £85 (saves£15)

12 sessions – £42 (saves £6)

8 sessions – £30 (saves £2)

4 sessions – £15 (saves £1)

Pay for Classes online

You can buy session bundles at any point during the term, they do not have to be paid in advance of the term starting.

view our full terms and conditions of session bundles