Health Benefits of Singing

As well as building personal confidence and having fun vocal training can help to promote:

  •  Lung development and strengthening
  •  Back strengthening and posture correction
  •  Bowel, bladder and stomach strengthening
  •  Neurological improvement
  •  Oxygen to the blood system and brain
  •  Increased concentration
  •  Energetic and euphoric uplift
  •  Confidence
  •  Discipline
  •  Improved vocabulary and grammar

Other benefits include:

  •  Helps sufferers of sleep apnoea
  •  Helps retrain breathing for asthma sufferers and panic attack patients
  • Helps reduce the feelings of depression or anxiety through the
  • Release of endorphins during singing
  • Overcomes shyness and nervous reactions to attention and crowds
  • Improves confidence in public speaking and public appearances
  • Improves articulation and presence when speaking